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Hello, everyone, I just wanted you to know if anyone recognizes this:
Any idea what is going at the moment?
My Notifications page has folded upon itself, and I cannot do a thing about it.
A majority of you are already familiar with the Ace Attorney franchise, and especially the main protagonist of the series, Phoenix Wright himself.
However, there seems to be things that people, both fans and in-game characters alike, fails to realize.

One of them is Nick's hairdo; Considering that his true name is Ryuichi Naruhodo in the original Japanese version, it is safe to surmise/assume that his hairstyle his modeled after the classic depiction of a lion mane-like head fringe that dragons are well known for.
I bet there is a double-meaning behind the name 'Phoenix', even within the official timeline; Larry, during their time together in Elementary/Grade School, probably felt that Phoenix's fringe-like mane for a hairdo was more similar to the wings and/or the fringe of a bird-of-prey, along with the rebirth/revival-like sensation that he assumed that Phoenix must have felt as a result of the combined efforts of both Larry himself, and Miles Edgeworth during the Class Trial, which eventually led to him nicknaming Phoenix 'Nick'.
So much for thinking that Phoenix's hairstyle resembles a porcupine or a hedgehog, simply because of it being spiky.

It is possible that Nick's birth name might actually be Ryuichi Naruhodo in the international versions of the Ace Attorney games, before he had it legally changed by the time he went for college, with the name 'Wright' being a portmanteau(-like term made up) of the words 'Right' and 'Wrong', as a reference to his desire for being a 'truth-seeker'.

Those of you who are considered faithful supporters of the franchise will be disappointed over at least three things regarding the anime adaptation of the franchise:
1. Do not expect a movie adaptation of the 'Rise From The Ashes' case, because A-1 Pictures do not seem interested in doing so.
2. The most iconic game mechanic of the franchise besides Phoenix's Hold It, Take That and Objection techniques, the Magatama, which is normally considered one of the most fundamental keystone pieces of the franchise, will be completely edited out of the storyline of the anime.
3. Phoenix is (apparently) a bit more 'wimpier' than normal as a trade-off for his quicker deduction time in the anime.

Update 1:
Speaking of the Magatama; There are a few things regarding it, that some people might need to take into consideration:
1. Considering that Phoenix's adoptive daughter Trucy is the younger half-sister of Apollo Justice, and possess (a slightly weaker version of) the Perceive ability that her brother 'Polly' has, one could only wonder what would/could happen to her, if she was to hold onto the Magatama while she temporarily serve as a fill-in for her father, during an investigation.
Maybe the 'Psyche-Lock Vision' provided by the Magatama might affect her nature as a 'Perceiver', making the 'Habit Sense' of her Perceive ability work differently.  
2. If CapCom and Shu Takumi ever gets/finds the interest in co-developing a TraumaCenter/AceAttorney crossover game with ATLUS, then what would/could possibly happen, if a medic possessing the Healing Touch, such as Doctor Derek Stiles aka Kousuke Tsukimori, were to get a hold on the Reiki-powered magical talisman that Phoenix carries around?
Maybe the Healing Touch would interact with the Reiki that has been charged into the Magatama in a way that might result in a subconscious stimuli reminiscent to that of Psychometry, the touch-based ability to peer into the past by inheriting the memories of an object upon touch.
3. Did it ever occur to anyone that there might be some 'psionic residue', trace-like leftovers, of the mental essence of whoever uses it, residing within the Magatama itself?
I suppose that if someone were to use it, then fragment-like portions of their mental energy would probably be placed into the Magatama, during the Psyche-Lock scenes, meaning that at least Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth has had energy-base copies of their psychological profiles added into the Magatama during the investigations of the cases from Justice For All and Trials & Tribulations.
This DeviantArtist is in need for Watchers, in order to make further progress: Jaycee018 - DeviantArt

Please take this into consideration.


Patrik Bengtsson


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