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You remember the movie roster from the NWC (Not-Worth-Crud) movie?
Well, guess what?

The team is gonna be featured in the coming soon crossover with Attack on Titan; Spider-Man will fill in for Thor in this story, so the sorcery-based factor is kept out of the crossover.
Attack on Avengers - Shingeki no Kyojin Wiki
Those who wanted to see Janet van Dyne, aka The Wasp, appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be greatly disappointed.
They're not gonna feature Janny, at all.
At least, not as Wasp.

They're gonna feature a new character named Hope, who is the daughter of Janet and Hank Pym.
Character-wise, she will be a composite character between her own mother, and Cassie Lang/Stature, the second Ant-Man Scott Lang's daughter.

Also, Giant-Man will be avoided entirely, while the (anti-)hero identity Yellowjacket will recieve the status Adaptional Villainy, by being the identity of someone, who I believe is the cousin of William Cross/Crossfire in the comics.

I bet this means we won't see Janet in any media outside of the comics for a while, other than in the Disney/Marvel anime by Toei called Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers; considering that the cartoons produced by MOA is partly created to promote the Cinematic Universe.


Patrik Bengtsson

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If you were interested in 'canonically' making a permanent change to Luray, which would you have chosen out of following:
1. Luray loosing her remaining organic hand and lower arm, causing heer to get a secondary utility arm for an artificial replacement?
2. Luay ending up getting the lower half of her body covered in some liquid substance, that causes her to turn into a centaurian version of herself?
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